American Digital Cartography, Inc. (ADCi), an international digital map data provider, was looking to expand sales for its ADC WorldMap product with a goal of increasing this business sector from 20 to 50 percent of the company’s total sales dollars. In order to effectively position and communicate itself optimally for future growth, ADCi looked to Coalesce to develop forward-looking strategies that maximize opportunities to capture market share.

In order to design a strategic marketing and communications plan, Coalesce first crafted a three-pronged market research approach, including an internal and external audit and a secondary research environmental scan. Each phase revealed key information about the digital mapping industry landscape, as well as perceptions of ADC WorldMap product, including opportunities, benefits, weaknesses, competition and market growth potential.

Coalesce conducted and analyzed all market research phases within a 10-week timeframe. Understanding the perception of ADC WorldMap in the marketplace, competitive landscape and potential growth opportunities through research, allowed Coalesce to identify key audiences in which to grow the business, with a thorough understanding of needs and challenges. Coalesce then formulated a strategic, integrated communications and marketing plan and positioning recommendations to target these audiences, both known and new.

The marketing plan incorporates a mix of traditional as well as new media tactics aimed at optimum product positioning, in an effort to communicate innovation, features and benefits to defined target audiences. Primary tactics include website optimization, targeted print collateral creation, public relations, pre- and post-trade show communications and publicity and animated interactive.

ADCi executives noted that the market research and report “exceeded their expectations,” having learned an abundance of new, insightful information about their industry, including product direction.