GLK Foods – New Product Launch

GLK Foods, the largest sauerkraut producer in the world and the manufacturer of some of America’s top selling kraut brands, is diversifying its product line to include imported Italian olives sold under the Verdi brand. GLK Foods is seeking retail partners, including higher-end grocery stores such as Wegman’s and Publix to carry the olive line. GLK Foods turned to Coalesce to creatively and succinctly communicate the selling points of the Verdi brand and capture category manager attention and interest.

To communicate Verdi’s selling points, Coalesce equipped the GLK Foods sales team with tools to highlight the brand as an upscale, imported product that attracts higher-end consumers that often entertain and look to indulge in unique food experiences. Among the sales tools is a 3- to 4-minute animated video, set to traditional Italian music, emphasizing consumer trends and how the Verdi line helps to boost incremental category growth. During each retail meeting, the video plays on an iPad with custom designed Verdi desktop graphics and application skin.

Further, Coalesce felt it was essential for category managers to understand the full Verdi experience, including a see, smell, taste and touch opportunity. A custom sampling kit was designed and produced at Coalesce, and includes trays and compartments for five olive varieties, left-over olive pits, serving tools and pairing foods. The kit was designed for easy travel, shipping, use and reuse, and has also received many compliments for its upscale look that is reflective of the brand’s properties.

Printed, leave-behind collateral was also produced, including a retailer sell sheet and Power Point presentation with sales information including category trends, growth projections and product shipping and stocking specifications.

Essential to all sales pieces were beautiful, in-use product photos; for which Coalesce partnered with a trusted and well-known food photographer and stylist to shoot.

GLK Foods executives note that they are proud to show their sales materials, and are currently meeting with retailers around the country; Costco has already signed on as a product reseller. In addition, GLK Foods has notified Coalesce that they are sourcing additional imported products and will be continuing its partnership with Coalesce.