As one of the largest manufacturers of away-from-home tissue and dispenser products in North America – including napkins, towels, bath and facial tissue, specialty wipers, innovative dispensing systems and soap systems – SCA Tissue looked to consolidate their multiple brands and adopt the unified, globally-recognized Tork® brand as its standard. Coalesce was charged with clearly and consistently communicating – and generating excitement for – the complex brand change to a range of internal to external stakeholders, including corporate employees, sales representatives and distributor channels.

Coalesce was charged with clearly communicating the SCA brand change to a range of stakeholders, including internal corporate team members and sales representatives, and external distributors, customers and end-users. To effectively speak to each audience’s unique needs, Coalesce delivered more than one-hundred sales and marketing tool-kit components incorporating both traditional and new media approaches. Brochures, sell sheets, product catalogs and brand folders, each printed in multiple languages, were concepted, written, designed and produced to complement the Tork identity. Ten-week interactive email and mobile marketing campaigns featuring contests and quizzes, each with a unique approach to communication, was also designed and distributed by Coalesce to engage, inform and excite the SCA Tissue sales team leading up to the brand roll-out in North America. Coalesce served a vital facilitator role in coordinating the many moving parts of SCA Tissue’s rebranding initiative.

Collaborating with a research agency, Coalesce processed and creatively framed a strategy to design, write and produce collateral for end-customer sales. From the paper used to photo shoot style, every campaign component was carefully calculated to align with global brand standards, while taking into consideration a primary North American audience.

Leveraging its strong third-party vendor relationships, including printers, photography studios and production teams, Coalesce was able to secure best-price quotes and priority-status timelines. With hundreds of executables and a six-week deadline, Coalesce staff strategized, charting milestone deadlines and pre-scheduling production to ensure on-time delivery. Agency organization, flexibility and facilitation of on-going communication with SCA Tissue executives and local vendors were essential to a successful process. The result – the project came in 10% under Coalesce’s projected campaign budget, and SCA stakeholders provided high praise for Coalesce’s quality work, dedication to accuracy and timely execution.