Sturm Foods, a global manufacturer specializing in private-label good-for-you products including vitamin-enhanced drink sticks, aimed to launch is first-ever branded powdered drink mix lines, including Vita Splash™, Morning Spark™, Replenish™, Fulfill™ and PowerEdge™. To raise consumer awareness for the new brands, Sturm set its sights on a wide-reaching national print campaign, and turned to Coalesce for design and advertising planning and placement expertise.

To engage the brands’ primarily female, 25-65 year old target audience, Coalesce targeted, researched and secured prime media placements in well-known publications including USA Today, Shape, Women’s World, All You and First for Women. Coalesce designed full-page, four-color ads for each individual drink stick brand. The ad designs share creative elements, which allowed consumers to more quickly recognize the ads within the various publications. Additionally, Coalesce oversaw budget, insertion order and design submission details.

The comprehensive consumer print campaign generated more than 140 million consumer impressions. In addition it received praise from retailers who chose to purchase and shelve the products, as it demonstrated manufacturer advertising support and established consumer awareness for the product.