With aggressive short-term sales goals, NewPage Specialty Papers needed to effectively communicate its brand value within the marketplace. The company turned to Coalesce to craft an “image” campaign that would attract current- and prospective-customers and help NewPage to grow within key business segments.

In order to craft an effective marketing and communications plan, Coalesce first needed to help NewPage to better understand its customers’ feelings about the existing service experience. Coalesce designed and executed a comprehensive field research survey and analysis conducted via one-to-one phone calls; the survey compared internal NewPage executive and sales team member perceptions about its customer base needs with actual customer feedback. Specifically, the survey revealed key information about NewPage’s delivery of its three brand pillars: service, innovation and sustainability, along with overall brand value, customer communication and areas needing improvement.

Coalesce conducted and analyzed internal and external research within a 10-week timeframe. Understanding the perception ofNewPage Specialty Papers in the marketplace among current customers allowed Coalesce to identify key areas of strength to communicate, with a thorough understanding of needs and challenges. Coalesce then formulated a strategic, integrated communications and marketing plan and positioning recommendations to target these audiences as well as prospective-customers.

In addition, after receiving essential feedback from its customers about how to more effectively communicate with them, NewPage redesigned its sales materials. Changes included a more pared-down version of its previous materials, including short sell sheets featuring easy-to-use product guides and clear customer-centric product benefits.

With sales numbers up in all targeted business segments, the customer research and analysis is continuously looked to as reference guide by NewPage Specialty Paper executives when formulating sales and marketing initiatives and strategies. NewPage plans to conduct a similar study on a regular basis.