A business-to-business manufacturer of computer docking and vehicle mounting systems, Gamber-Johnson was looking to create a memorable brand personality as it launched its new product line, MAX3. Gamber-Johnson’s sales and marketing executives selected Coalesce to breathe life into the metal, mobile-device mounting system, and set it apart from competing products.

Examining MAX’s features and benefits, the Coalesce team wanted to play-up the system’s unique movable features, which resembles a person’s arms and legs, and the holding plate, a head. Thus, MAX3 took on a human form. To reinforce the “live” personality, Coalesce created a stop-flash animation video for viewers to “Meet Max.” Made up of hundreds of still photograph images, Coalesce’s animation tells the story of MAX, how he met his “wife” and then unveils the new family of mounting systems. The video is set to fun, energetic music to showcase flair and character and was placed on a custom-branded YouTube™ channel.

To accompany the launch and communicate how MAX3 solves problems for its customers, Coalesce designed a complimentary logo, sell sheet and product mini-site.

To create buzz around the product before the officially-scheduled launch date, the website and video were “leaked” to key distributors via a top secret email sent by a Gamber-Johnson sales representative. The goals of the email were to peak customer curiosity and make the selected distributors feel special and “in-the-know.” The early product launch and supporting materials received high praise from Gamber-Johnson executives, as MAX3 is generating interest from key accounts.