Integrity Insurance
Brand Research, Visualization and Identity

Integrity Insurance, a provider of personal and commercial insurance in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, was embracing change. With a new CEO and an energized management team, the company embarked on an aggressive mission to define and execute a strategic five-year vision to drive growth and bring the company closer to its agents and policyholders. Bringing the strategy to life would require not only a deep understanding of the Integrity brand, but also consistent delivery of the company’s brand promise moving forward. An important consideration was to understand Integrity’s strategic partnership with Grange Insurance, headquartered in Ohio. Grange was pursuing its own re-branding initiative and Integrity had to carefully consider the implications of this as the two companies shared resources and technical infrastructure.

Coalesce partnered with Integrity to uncover perceptions about the Integrity brand, including strengths and weaknesses, with the following target audiences: executive leadership, sales leadership, associates at corporate headquarters and agents and policyholders in three states. Interviews were conducted with a total of 125 individuals in a range of formats including one-on-one, in-person or telephone interviews and focus groups utilizing a professional moderator. Research results showed consistent themes across all audiences that defined Integrity’s brand personality, key brand attributes and symbology and iconology. Key brand attributes were uncovered allowing positioning statements to be created.

Coalesce crafted three distinctively different positioning statements. Each statement was based on a defining theme from the interviews and was presented in tandem with the brand visualization that included complementary imagery (photography varying in subject and style), color palette and font style. The chosen positioning statement underscored Integrity’s commitment to be a trusted partner who values relationships with real people and promises to deliver on its commitments.

Based on the brand visualization, a series of logos were developed. Replacing Integrity’s current torch and flame logo, the new logo displayed three intersecting oval rings. Representing the triple unity of Integrity, its agents and its policyholders, the logo circled back to the brand promise. Before testing with target audiences, Coalesce conducted a trademark search on the design to determine any infringements. Conducting an online survey, the logo was presented to Integrity agents for feedback. The survey measured the extent that the logo represented the positioning statement in terms of innovativeness, relationship, trust and warmth.

It also measured response to various color palettes. Results showed that the logo indeed reflected the positioning statement and the palette selected – with vibrant orange and red – was unanimous.

Through a series of workshops, Coalesce developed brand promise statements that aligned with the positioning statement and drove home Integrity’s unique selling proposition. “Insurance: The Way It Should Be” was selected.

Most recently, Coalesce and Integrity have turned their focus to defining and executing on Phase II – Brand Rollout – which centered on developing internal and external brand communications programs to communicate the brand promise with its internal employees, as well as marketing the brand promise and benefits to external agents and policyholders. Coalesce helped to plan events and exercises to excite internal employees about what it means to “live” the brand, while external stakeholders have expressed overwhelming support for the new brand and the clear promises and benefits it communicates.