With aggressive sales goals for 2011, Habbersett, a known brand for scrapple and breakfast sausage on the East Coast, was looking to reposition its Quick & Easy product with a relaunch in the Philadelphia market. Coalesce was asked to strategize and design a marketing campaign to drive product recognition and consumer buys.

Examining vast opportunities to reach the product’s target audience of the busy, health-conscience woman- and mom-on-the-go, ages 25-45, while maximizing a fixed $150,000 budget, Coalesce coordinated and managed a multifaceted approach. Tactics included:

  • a Philadelphia marathon event sponsorship, exposing more than 50,000 participants and their family members to the Habbersett brand, including product coupon give-a-way;
  • coupon placement with, utilizing its wide vertical online channels;
  • in-store product sampling with 25 of the top-selling Philadelphia-area ShopRite stores; and
  • e-blasts to more than 10,000 consumers via’s “opt-in” shopper list.

In addition, Coalesce negotiated a year-long contract with NBC Philadelphia for Habbersett to sponsor morning news and traffic spots, receiving :10 logo and voiceover billboards and three cooking segment appearances by Habbersett’s CEO, who is a Paris-trained chef, on NBC’s the 10! Show.

Campaign results are being analyzed, but Habbersett reports that product is moving and meeting monthly sales goals. What’s more, eblast results revealed a 20% open rate – very high results for an online campaign. In-store sampling – a first-ever for Habbersett – revealed a 400% sales increase in the two week post sampling period as compared to the two weeks prior to the sampling event; as well as a 180% product lift in the subsequent two week period. Not only are the tracked sampling results phenomenal for sales volume and retailer relationship, but also double the traditional sales category lift post sampling.

Coalesce is continuing to work with Habbersett to monitor coupon prints and redemption rates in order to tweak the coupon and product promotion, ensuring optimum brand exposure and strong call-to-action for top sales impact.