YouTube Video

The Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association – a more than 60 year old trade association dedicated to the education and implementation of a balanced fire protection design – wanted to produce a how-to video that would guide viewers through the process of using a portable fire extinguisher in the event of an emergency. In order to capture viewer attention, the video was to creatively address a functional topic, last only a few minutes and have far-reaching international distribution.

Coalesce engaged in extensive pre-planning, focused on target messaging, script-writing and creative concept development. The creative team’s approach focused on a “quick draw” model that enlisted a professional illustrator to diagram the actual usage of an extinguisher, while a camera captured its use in real time. Coalesce used an editing technique to increase the speed of the video capture so that the film appeared quick and fluid. Voice-over, sound and animation effects were added in the post-production process.

Through production, Coalesce managed all film development, including location and lighting set-up, recruitment and directing of professional talent and the actual video shoot.

The goal of the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association was to ensure extensive viewership of the video by both fire safety professionals and general consumers. To accomplish this goal, Coalesce posted the final video on YouTubeTM to maximize exposure. In addition, Coalesce identified an extensive media distribution list, including trade publications, to gain publicity for the video and encourage its ongoing use among industry professionals.

To date, the video has been viewed over 200,000 times and has a 5-star rating by YouTube viewers. In addition, the video maintains an impressive drop rate, which indicates that a majority of viewers continue watching throughout the entire length of the video.