Inc. Innovator (where are they now…)


It was five years ago that Coalesce was founded, and first featured in the Appleton Post-Crescent’s Inc. Innovator column. It’s amazing how quickly time flies…and how quickly progress can be achieved!

Click here to read Maureen Wallenfang’s five-year update on Coalesce.

 But our team certainly knows and appreciates that it was through much creative dreaming, strategic planning and down and dirty hard work and sacrifice that Lisa and Michelle were able to nurture and grow Coalesce into the agency it is today. And the work is never done.

 But just imagine what might be in five or ten more…

Fore! (Coalesce Style)


We have a number of avid golfers in our office. And a few avid non-golfers. But skill or no skill, we’re all looking forward to the bloom of the green season in order to try out the first-ever Coalesce golf ball.

The Top-Flite® sleeves arrived just the other day. And we’re banking on each ball getting impressive distance…which of course will have nothing to do with the skill of the golfer, but rather the rockin’ orange logo on it!




It’s the simple age old question: “chocolate or vanilla?” But at Coalesce, we took it to the next level – because we’re marketers…and we like to eat.

Mixing a traditional question with a traditional brand afforded us the makings of a tasty consumer survey: Which do you prefer, original chocolate Oreos®, or new vanilla Golden Oreos®? The Coalesce staff certainly stepped up to the taste test challenge!

With results in – and stomachs full – our team is split. Like an Oreo! Two-thirds preferred the new vanilla treat, while one-third remained true chocolate Oreo lovers. But also noteworthy, 20% of the team waffled on a decision, saying their flavor-of-choice might be swayed if they had milk in hand.


U Can’t Touch This (at least for 2009)


Our team members are channeling MC Hammer as we celebrate receiving the award for Emerging Small Business in the state of Wisconsin!

1 Fish, 2 Fish, Orange Fish, Black Fish


Our fish tank is empty no more! After a little spilled milk formed into a fish-shape (a sure sign), Coalesce would like to officially introduce Sushi, Fluffy and Johnny Cash II (he’s the black one) to our team. Their sole purpose: to emanate positive aura in our office and to dispel negative spirits. It also helps that two of them are…well, orange!

But it can’t go without saying, a key reason Coalesce adopted goldfish as office greeters, over a happy tail wagging dog, is to pay tribute to Emily who suffers from doraphobia – fear of all things fur.

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Elvis’s Birthday 2009


This year, we decided to start a tradition and celebrate the birth of elvis! at the end of the day, we gathered to rock out & do our best elvis impression.

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Holiday Card Photos


this year, we all got an ugly sweater & took photos to make a holiday card to send out. it started out as a group shot, which was hilarious and then took individual shots to show off our ugly sweaters. The individual shots turned out so good (and hilarious) we used those instead of the ‘family’ shot.


Boss’s Day 2008


this year we filled lisa & michelle’s offices with over 250 orange balloons. they then filled Shauna’s office with the balloons when she left for lunch.

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Veer Dressup


Veer sent these large posters, which Mike & Nicole decided to wear!

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Rising Star Award 2008


We won the 2008 Rising Star Award from the Fox Cities Chamber!

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